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Salt Recovery System / Salt Recovery Plant
In recent years there has been a rapid rise in the costs of water and effluent disposal. There is now an awareness to conserve water as a scarce resource. More problems of the sustainability of industry and public concern about the impact of industrial activity on the environment have come to the fore.

Every industry be it textile, tannery, pharmaceutical, distilleries etc generates effluent . These effluents pose a serious problem if disposed into water courses or on land. These effluents contain a wide variety of both organic or inorganic salts which are usually discharged with or without treatment into surface waters or lands resulting in contamination of environment. Hence various pollution control boards have passed stringent laws to monitor the surface water quality by limiting COD, BOD, Ph, suspended solids, temperature, heavy metals etc. In various parts of world it is absolutely necessary to have a Zero Effluent Discharge policy to be able to run the industry. Under Salt Recovery System / Salt Recovery Plant these effluents are hence treated by various methods and passed through a series of membranes where substantial permeate ( water ) is removed from the treated effluent. The high TDS reject from the membranes are then taken to an Evaporator to further concentrate it and the slurry then dried by various other methods.
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